Minutes of the Nashville Meeting

May 1, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m.

  1. Nashville Thanks to Charlie Church for being the TPOM. Thanks to Brian Fowlkes for substituting for Ron Roy. We had 5 special sessions with strong attendance throughout the meeting. In addition, Jan Weisenberger gave a history lecture on Bioresponse to Vibration and Fred Lizzi gave a hot topics presentation.
    The student award winners are:
  2. They took joint first place -- their evaluations were too close to be able to distinguish them. There will not be a student paper competition in Austin; the next competition will be in New York. There has been a low number of participants in the BB student paper competition. I would like faculty to encourage their students to enter the competition.
  3. Cancun Student Award Winners:
  4. At the Cancun Meeting Tyrone Porter was selected as the FV Hunt Postdoctoral Fellow. He will work with Christy Holland at U. Cincinnati.
  5. Austin
    10-14 November 2003 We will have a Topical Meeting on Shock Wave Therapy run by Michael Bailey and Pei Zhong.
    There are three special sessions planned:
  6. The TPOM will be held on 17/18th July and Glynn Holt will be our representative. If anybody is willing to be a session chair, please let me know so that I can forward names to Glynn when he organises the meeting.
  7. New York
    24-28 May 2004 This meeting will be the 75th birthday for the ASA. Wednesday has been chosen as the "birthday" day. The morning session will be a special plenary session which will reflect on the past, present, and future of the ASA. The TCs were polled to leave Wednesday afternoon free of technical sessions. There was overwhelming support for this proposal. This allows participants to spend Wednesday visiting Manhattan, and there will be various tours set up. In the evening there will be a special banquet, and it is expected that the cost will be $40/head.
    BU/BV is planning the following special sessions:
  8. We will be co-sponsoring the Robert E. Apfel Memorial Session which will be organised by Larry Crum and Ron Roy.
    Our TPOM rep in NY will be Jeff Ketterling.
    The upper administration are concerned that there will be an issue with too many abstracts, and this will be exasperated by Wednesday's events. They would like to warn us that it may be necessary to go to posters or even postpone special sessions to a later meeting. I think this latter option is unlikely for BU/BV as we have only a few special sessions.
  9. San Diego
    15-19 November 2004 Ron Roy is planning to host a Topical Meeting on Tumour Detection (and Treatment).
    Possible topics for special sessions included making use of local expertise in 3D-Ultrasound and Tomography. I will also contact Kirk Shung perhaps for a session on Tissue Characterisation. In addition, I will contact Animal Bioacoustics to see if there could be a session with them relating to marine mammals.
  10. Vancouver
    Spring 2005 Possible Special Sessions Ideas are:
  11. More ideas are welcome.
  12. Report from Christy Holland on BIROW Christy Holland was the ASA representative to the Biomedical Imaging Research Opportunities Workshop (BIROW), http://www.birow.org/, that was held on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 in Bethesda, MD. She reported that this was a very good meeting where researchers formed groups to discuss possible areas which would merit future funding. There were representatives from NIH at the meeting who listened to the comments at the meetings. A report on the meeting should be posted on the BIROW web site this summer.
    BIROW plans to meet annually, and I have requested funds from Executive Council to send a representative to the next meeting.
  13. JASA JASA submission will be run by Peer XPress starting in July. This is a completely electronic web-pased process. Paper manuscripts will still be accepted for the short term. However, these manuscripts will simply be scanned at Melville and then submitted electronically into Peer XPress.
    It was also announced that Soundings will transition to an on-line version only in 2004. Further it was decided, after feedback from the TCs, that the References on Contemporary Acoustics and the Cummulative Author Index will only be available on-line.
  14. Appointments The following BU/BV representatives have been appointed:
    Panel On Public Policy:
  15. Books +:
  16. Medals and Awards:
  17. Students Our current Student Council representative, Tyrone Porter, will be graduating this summer, and so we need to choose a new representative. The representatives serve for two years, are expected to attend all four meetings during their term, and carry out sub-committee work between meetings. The ASA provides $500 for each representative per meeting to help cover travel and lodging expenses. It is expected that the student's home institution or advisor will help cover the remaining expenses.
    Students are encouraged to participate in the "student-meet-a-member-for-lunch" program that is run by David Blackstock.
    We agreed to hold an off-site student social in conjunction with PA.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Robin Cleveland