Minutes of the Pittsburgh Meeting

Thursday, 6 June 2002
Hilton Hotel, La Bateau Room

The meeting was attended by 37 people, according to the sign-in sheet. The items of business were:

(1) Thanks to B&B special session chairs Robin Cleveland, with some help from Ibrahim Hallaj ("4aBB: Ultrasound Propagation in and through Bone"), Constantine C. Coussios and Carr Everbach ("4pBB: Characterization and monitoring of biological flows/Vibrational Analysis of Biological Systems"), Christy Holland and Mark Schafer ("5aBBa: Interactions of Ultrasound with Tissue"), Brian Fowlkes ("5aPPb: Scattering Theory Applications for Biomedical Media"), and Tom Matula ("5pBB: Ultrasonic Field Characterization Techniques and Novel Instrument Applications"). At the Pittsburgh meeting, B&B had 38 papers in 5 sessions and were well-attended (peaks of more than 41 attendees at every session except for the last one, which crested at 33).

(2) Kudos and congratulations to Bob Apfel, who was awarded a Gold Medal, and to both James Finneran and Tom Royston (R. Bruce Lindsay Awards). Also congratulations to Wes Nyborg and the many others who have completed the ANSI standard for bubble monitoring and cavitation detection, available soon via the Standards Store link on the ASA homepage (http://asa.aip.org).

(3) Congratulations to Stanley Samuel (Univ. of Michigan Med. Ctr.) for his first-place paper "5pBB7: A robust roughness quantification technique using a standard imaging array transducer" in the student paper contest in Pittsburgh. He will receive $300. The second-place prizewinner, Yufeng Zhou (Duke Univ. ME, Mater. Sci, and Urologic Surgery) "5aBBa1: Reduction of tissue injury without compromising stone comminution in shock wave lithotripsy," will receive $200. Thanks to all the participating students and the dozen or so judges.

(4) Most attendees felt that the logistics of the Pittsburgh meeting were good, with a few mild problems (such as too much air conditioning) that were promptly resolved. Conflicts with parallel sessions in Physical Acoustics still occur, but appear to be hard to avoid.

(5) The Cancun, Mexico, meeting of the ASA will take place 2-6 December 2002, at the Fiesta Americana. We STILL need a TPOM rep who can go to Mexico July 26-27, 2002 (roundtrip air fares from NYC are in the $585 range), so please let me know if you would be interested. Jeff Ketterling will be going to sort papers for Physical Acoustics, and is willing to help B&B, but we'd like to have another as well. The abstracts for Cancun are due at the ASA by June 28, 2002, only a little over 2 weeks away!

Planned special sessions include:

(6) The Nashville, TN, meeting will take place April 28 - May 2, 2003 at the Convention Center. Since abstracts for Nashville will be due before the Cancun meeting, we need to lock in special sessions now. These are

The TPOM (technical program organizing meeting) for Nashville will be in January, and we are in need of someone to go and help sort papers (please respond if you think you might be able!).

(7) Future ASA meetings beyond Nashville will be as follows:

(8) Carr Everbach rotates off as BUBV chair, and Robin Cleveland ascends (?!) for a three-year term. Pittsburgh was the overlap meeting.

(9) Tyrone Porter, B&B's student council representative, reported that students can earn up to $150/day doing audio-visual work at the Cancun meeting (see Call for Papers). Also, student council is setting up a physical message board for students at Cancun, a website, and posting notices of economical housing. A "best mentor" award is planned, with calls for nominations at Cancun. Tyrone's term will end probably around Austin: ASA will pay $500 for the Student Council reps to support travel to meetings, so please nominate someone (including yourself) to be his successor.

(10) An ad-hoc Panel on Public Policy (POPP) has formed for the purpose of issuing position papers on controversial topics relevant to the ASA. Each TC is asked to have someone on the panel, so let me know if you are interested.

(11) The on-line education committee is asking for links to B&B websites that would be useful for any of the following categories of user: grade schoolers, high-schoolers, college students, grad students. Please send me your suggestions, even if they are not websites you created.

(12) The ASA logo poll on back page of the Winter 2002 Echoes (V12N1) showed most interest in a), c), and e). At Pittsburgh, B&Ber's voted in slight majority (9 for a, 7 for e, 2 for c) to keep the old logo.

The meeting adjourned after 57 minutes.

Respectfully submitted,

E. Carr Everbach, Chair
BU/BV Technical Committee

(If you have comments or corrections to these minutes, please send them to me at CEVERBA1@swarthmore.edu.)