Minutes of the Seattle Meeting

Jun. 23, 1998

ATTENDEES: R. Apfel, S. Broschat, C. Church, R. Cleveland, L. Crum, A. Coleman, N. de Jong, F. Dunn, C. Everbach, L. Frizzell, I. Hallaj, P. Kaczkowski, T. Leighton, I. Makin, P. Mourad, W. Nyborg, R. Roy, A. Sarvazian, G. ter Haar, et al.

NOTE: Please notify Ron Roy (ronroy@bu.edu; 617-353-4846) if you detect any errors or omissions.

1. The meeting started by thanking the Organizing committee for their efforts in organizing such an excellent meeting.

2. The names and organizers of the B&B special sessions held at meeting was listed. This meeting was a particularly productive one for B&B, with a total of 5 special sessions (most running all day) spanning the duration of the meeting.

3. A vote was taken to change the name of the TC from "Bioresponse to Vibration/Biomedical Ultrasound" to "Biomedical Ultrasound/Bioresponse to Vibration". A motion was made by Larry Crum and passed with a solid majority of those present.

4. A discussion was held on the nature (i.e. cost) of the socials. The prevailing view was that socials should not be scaled back to reduce meeting cost. This was followed up by a discussion on the registration fees. Most attendees felt that the current fee structure was not prohibitive.

5. Technical Initiatives for 1998:

  1. $300 for a student reception (with Physical Acoustics) in Seattle.
  2. $1,500 for travel assistance for outside speakers (max $500 per speaker).
  3. $300 to defer the cost of web page development

6. The scoop on Norfolk - Fall '98:

  1. One special session proposed on models for tissue-ultrasound interaction (Doug Mast)
  2. Doug Mast was the TPOM representative. Many thanks to Doug.
  3. On Tuesday there will be a social at the National Maritime Museum.
  4. The meeting will also feature NASA-Langley tours.

7. The scoop on Berlin - Spring '99:

  1. This will be a full and regular ASA meeting. All Society functions will be active.
  2. The usual ASA format will be followed, with presentations in English and regular. special and poster sessions morning and afternoon. Anticipate a 5 day technical program with no plenary session.
  3. Contributed papers = 15 minutes; Invited papers = 20 minutes.
  4. The EAA will have some independent components which will be conducted on the "National Day", which will probably be Friday.
  5. Carr has agreed to be the TPOM representative.
  6. Tentative titles for special sessions:

8. The meeting concluded over champagne, as we toasted Floyd Dunn for winning the GOLD MEDAL of Acoustical Society of America. Three Cheers for Floyd!

Respectfully submitted
Ronald A. Roy