Minutes of the Penn State Meeting

June 19, 1997

ATTENDEES: R. Apfel, A. Brammer, R. Cleveland, L. Crum, J. Erdreich, H. von Gierke, D. Mast, S. Maruvada, W. Pielemeier, R. Roy, M. Stinson, J. Weisenberger, S.W. Yoon

NOTE: Please notify Ron Roy (ronroy@bu.edu; 617-353-4846) if you detect any errors or omissions.

1. The Meeting started by offering recognition of Doug Mast's efforts as B&B's TPOM representative as well as the TC's two sessions for the week:

  1. A medical ultrasound session of contributed papers chaired by Christy Holland
  2. A special session on human vibration exposure co-chaired by John Erdreich and Henning von Gierke.

2. A rundown of the new ASA dues structure (for 1998) was presented by Larry Crum and Bob Apfel. The changes were motivated primarily by a need for additional revenue and partly to accommodate the flexibility afforded by the Journal on CD ROM. Committee response was generally "accepting" of the upcoming adjustments.

3. Bill Lang made a presentation on the "ASA Foundation" and distributed a handout describing the charitable foundation.

4. Bob Apfel discussed the upcoming on-line Journal for the ASA

5. Technical Initiatives for 1997:

  1. $1,500 for the development of a B&B Brochure. The effort will be headed up by Bob Apfel with assistance from R. Roy. Additional volunteers are welcome.
  2. $300 to defer the cost (students) of Web Page development by Shira Broschat. Shira has a prototype page on line (see asa.aip.org/committees.html). She is looking for feedback on the page as well as contributions of links, text, images, whatever.
  3. $500 for travel assistance.

6. The scoop on Berlin - Spring '99:

  1. This will be a full and regular ASA meeting. All Society functions will be active.
  2. The meeting will be organized jointly with the European Acoustics Association (EAA).
  3. The EAA has formed mirror technical committees. For structured sessions, ASA organizers are encouraged to invite European speakers.
  4. David Havelock is the Technical Program Chair.
  5. Potential Titles for special sessions: "Vibrotactile Perception" (T. Brammer) and "Effects of Isolated and Repetitive Shocks on Humans" (H. von Gierke).
A head count indicated that approximately 6 committee members were planning to attend. The principal concern relayed by meeting attendees was the cost of travel to Berlin. Many pointed out that the cost should be comparable to the Honolulu meeting.

7. Tony Brammer indicated some concern over the lack of Fellow nominations coming out of B&B in recent years. It was agreed that he would team up with another B&B member TBD to peruse the ranks of members citing B&B as either #1 or #2 in search of candidates who may have fallen between the cracks.

8. The scoop on San Diego - Fall '97:

  1. No B&B special sessions planned
  2. The call for papers goes out in June.
  3. The abstracts are due August 28th.
  4. The TPOM will meet September 5-6. Larry Crum will be the B&B representative.

9. The scoop on Seattle - Spring '98:

  1. Several B&B special sessions planned:
  2. The call for papers will come out Sept. 1st.
  3. The abstracts will be due Oct. 20th.
  4. The TPOM will meet November 15-16. Ron Roy will be the B&B representative.

10. The scoop on Norfolk - Fall '98: One special session proposed on models for tissue-ultrasound interaction (D. Mast).

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Roy

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