Minutes of the San Diego Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 18, 2004
Open Meeting

Major action items:

  1. I would like volunteers for sessions chairs for Vancouver (see point 2).
  2. I would like suggestions for building some momentum in ultrasound imaging at the spring ASA meetings (see point 4).
  3. Lloyd Rice is looking for reviewers for patents for JASA (Point 8)
  4. Maureen Stone would like some assistance on using real-time 3D ultrasound to image the vocal tract during speech (Point 8).

Business items:

  1. San Diego The San Diego meeting had about 1000 registered attendees. BB had a full day topical meeting and 3 sessions. I would like to thank to Kendall Waters and Brent Hoffmeister for organising a great Topical Meeting on Bone. Thanks to Ronald Roy and Todd Murray for organising the Light and Sound session. Thanks to our TPOM representative Franco Curra for being the Technical Programme Organising Meeting Representative and sorting out the papers for the sessions.
    Congratulations to Jim Miller who won the Silver Medal and David Blackstock who was the recipient of the first Student Council Mentor Award.
    The feedback on the meeting was positive and it was commented that the socials were particularly well organised.
    Note that the paper copying service is now web based: http://scitation.aip.org/asameetingpapers/ JASA does NOT consider this a prior publication.
  2. Vancouver, 23-27 May 2005 The BB special sessions for Vancouver will be: 
  3. In addition we are co-sponsoring two other special sessions: 
  4. Please consider submitting abstracts for this meeting and encourage colleagues to participate as well.
    I am looking for people who are willing to volunteer as session chairs at the meeting. Please email me if you would be willing to be a session chair. Also this meeting is joint with the Canadian Acoustical Association and if you have any Canadian colleagues who would be willing to be chairs please let me know. 
  5. Minneapolis, 17-21 October 2005 At the Minneapolis meeting we will be having a Topical Meeting on Detecting HIFU-induced lesions to be organized by Emad Ebbini.
    We have two special sessions: 
  6. Also, at the Minneapolis meeting the ASA is going to have computers placed in all the rooms in order to alleviate the problems with computer swapping. This followed discussions at the Technical Council on Friday about the time lost in switching computers. The TC thought we would try to provide computers because it appears to be the trend in other societies and the Minneapolis meeting was a good choice because it is joint with NoiseCon which does place computers in the rooms and so it was just a matter of extending the contract to put computers to all the rooms. You will be asked to download your talks to the computer in the room. The ability to use your own computer will be provided but chairs will be asked to include any time switching as part of your talking time. More details will be available at the Vancouver meeting. This will be a trial and the results of this exercise will be evaluated to determine whether we should continue doing this.
  7. Future Meetings: Providence, 5-9 June 2006
    Possible special sessions are: 
  8. I would welcome further suggestions of special sessions.
    We had a short discussion about trying to bring in more of the ultrasound imaging community to the ASA Spring meeting. It had been suggested that the ultrasound imaging community has a large meeting in the fall (IEEE Ultrasonics) but there may be an opportunity to have a spring meeting and the ASA may be an appropriate venue. Feedback was positive and I will contact a few contacts to see if I can get some key figures enthused. The idea is if we can bring together a critical mass then we will be able to gather momentum for a strong imaging presence to occur regularly at the spring ASA. I would welcome any help or suggestions to make this happen.
    Hawaii, 28 November -- 2 December 2006
    Note that this meeting is the week AFTER Thanksgiving and so to avoid Sunday travel it will be held from Tues-Sat.
    The executive council suspects that the turn-out for this meeting will be large and as a consequence it may be necessary to employ more poster sessions.
    In addition, this meeting will be held in conjunction with the Japanese Acoustical Society and if you have colleagues with whom you could organize a session it would be good to start putting out some feelers.
    Salt Lake City, 4-8 June 2007
    New Orleans, November 2007 (Tues-Sat) 
  9. Election of TC chair My term as TC chair ends at the close of the Vancouver Meeting. The nominees for my replacement were Michael Bailey (Applied Physics Lab, Seattle) and Jeff Ketterling (Riverside Research Institute, New York). The winner was Michael Bailey.
  10. Technical Council The following items from Technical Council were discussed at meeting:
  11. Possible Post-doc I have the following announcement from Jeff Ketterling:
    Would you mind mentioning at the TC meeting in San Diego that Riverside is thinking of hiring a post-doc? I don't know the specific time frame but now would be a good time for anyone who is interested to be put on our short list. Experience in HIFU and tissue characterization would be a plus but we aren't narrowly looking for any specialty.
    The Riverside Research Institute is in Manhattan and the website is: http://www.rri-usa.org Please contact Jeff Ketterling (ketterling@rrinyc.org) if you are interested.
  12. Other business There are two upcoming meetings that may be of interest. 
  13. Lloyd Rice is the editor of the patent reviews. He asked for members of our TC to help with the review process of patents. The ASA will purchase patents for you if you are willing to wrote a short review. Please contact Lloyd by email at lloydrice@compuserve.com.
    Maureen Stone (chair of the Speech Communication TC) contacted me about a research problem. She would like to use real-time 3D ultrasound to image vocal tract motion during speech. She is having problems being able to get the 3D volumes sets that she wants to out of clinical 3D machines (eg Philips). If anyone has any experience dealing with this she would be delighted to hear from you. Her contact information is:
    Maureen Stone, PhD, Professor
    Department of Biomedical Sciences and Orthodontics
    Director, Vocal Tract Visualization Lab
    University of Maryland Dental School
    666 W. Baltimore St.
    Baltimore, MD, 21201

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Cleveland