Action items:

  1. Nashville Abstract Deadline is January 6th (see 3).
  2. Looking for representative to ASA Panel on Public Policy (see 8).
  3. Looking for representative to ASA Books+ Committee (see 9).
  4. Need more B&B people involved in 101 Careers in Acoustics (see 14).

Minutes of the Cancun Meeting

Thursday, 5 December 2002
Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Hotel

The meeting started at 7:35 pm. 34 people were in attendance. The items of business were:

1. The student award winners at Pittsburgh were:
1st--Stanley Samuel (Univ. of Michigan)
2nd--Yufeng Zhou (Duke Univ.)

2. Cancun
Thanks to Jeff Ketterling for being TPOM. There were 6 sessions held at the meeting with very strong participation with typical attendance between 25 and 50.

The TC liked the setting for the Cancun meeting and it was suggested that all fall meetings be held here. There was a comment that there was too much acoustic coupling between rooms.

3. Nashville: 28 April-2 May
The abstract deadline is January 6th.

BB will have the following Special Sessions:

In addition, Janet Wiesenberg will give the BV History Lecture. Fred Lizzi will give the Hot Topics talk.

The TPOM will be held from 17-18 January and Charlie Church will be our representative.

The socials at Nashville will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday! The Wednesday social will be held in the Rymin Room (Grand Ole Oprey fame) from 5:30-7:30. Normally our TC follows the second social but this is normally on Thursday. Depending on how the technical sessions pan out the TC will be on Wednesday at 7:30 pm or Thursday around 6 pm.

4. Austin: 10-14 November 2003
BU/BV plans to have a Topical Meeting on Shock Wave Therapy to be organized by Michael Bailey and Pei Zhong.
The following Special Sessions are planned:

Also there will be an Acoustics Forensics Session organized by Jack Randorff. Contact Bennet Brooks (NS) or Tony Hoover (AA) if you feel like you could contribute to this session.

The TPOM is tentatively scheduled for Fri/Sat 17/18th July 2003 and our tentative representative is Glynn Holt.

5. New York: 24-28 May 2004
Named sessions that will be held in NY include:

BU/BV is planning the following special sessions:

The EC were worried about the possibility of receiving too many papers. The options offered to deal with this were:

1/ Posters

2/ Limit to one talk per person

3/ Evening sessions

The TC was overwhelmingly in support for the use of posters. Larry Crum suggested a computer-based poster session where people show simulations and movies on their laptops.

The Riverside Institute is planning to set up a tour of their facilities.

Constantin Coussious suggested that the Hunt Fellowship will have its 25th anniversary at New York and that a session should be held where previous recipients give a synopsis of what they have done since receiving the Hunt.

6. San Diego 13-20 November 2004
Ron Roy has agreed to host a Topical Meeting on Tumor Detection (and Treatment).

Please let me know if there are any special sessions that you would be interested in.

7. Meeting Socials
ASA meetings run at a loss and the Executive Council would like to address this issue. The cost of the two socials is $30-$40/head per social and provide a mechanism for offsetting costs. Executive council have put forth four options:
1/ Two socials and increase in fee
2/ One social and similar fee
3/ No socials, but open bar provided at TC meetings and similar fee
4/ Significantly reduced socials with slight increase in fee
The TC voted overwhelmingly for 1--that is, keeping the socials and accepting a higher registration fee.

8. Executive Committee recently authorized the formation of the ASA ad hoc Panel on Public Policy (POPP). We have been invited to have a representative on this panel. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know.

9. Books+ committee is looking for a representative from the BB TC.
Books+ is an opportunity to get the society to underwrite the reprinting of something still of good use, but no longer available from publishers, or, a document that the community would use, but isn't available--it is not for the authoring/writing of new works. An example: Books+ was responsible for the first try at making the Archived part of the Journal available on CDs. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know.

10. Biomedical Imaging Research Opportunities Workshop (BIROW)
ASA will be a sponsoring organization for this meeting to be held Jan 31 and Feb 1 in Bethesda, MD. Christy Holland agreed to be the ASA representative at this workshop.

11. Logo-Icon
The vice-president asked if the TCs are interested in developing an Icon. The BU/BV TC did not support this concept.

12. JASA
JASA will be moving to an on-line submission process some time in the spring using PeerXpress which is maintained by AIP. JASA is planning to provide on-line and CD versions of the Reference to Contemporary Papers on Acoustics and eliminating the paper version. The TC had no problem with that change. JASA is also considering stopping the print version of Soundings and replacing it with an email notice and a link to an on-line site. The TC was receptive to this idea.

ARLO has had a low number of submissions over the past year. ASA is interested in how participation can be improved. Ron Roy suggested having topical issues where a guest editor invites various authors to submit articles on a specific topic. It was suggested that ARLO be published on-line with JASA. It was suggested that the instructions for JASA submission mention ARLO.

13. Student Council
The Student Council is in the process of becoming a permanent body. To maintain stability a standing committee of students and about 3 members will be used to run the council.

It was suggested that one student be sent to the TPOM to scout out cheap hotels that students can use. This would allow students to be housed in one place and would enhance the student community. Students were split between too many hotels at this meeting.

There were issues with students not being enrolled for the student awards. It was recommended that all students that present be automatically enrolled in the student award competition.

14. 101 Careers in Acoustics
The ASA is putting together a booklet called 101 Careers in Acoustics. For each "career" there is a 1 page precis about the person and what they do. So far B&B only has 2 entries. If you would like to submit your career, please let me know.

15. Student/Members Lunch
David Blackstock ( is organizer of the student-meet-member lunch. Students can sign up with him and he will find a member with whom they can have lunch at the meeting. He requests that students email him at least a week before the meeting so that he has time to make connections. Also if any members are willing to participate, you can email him to be included in his database.

16. Public Policy
The ASA developed-classroom standard for noise is being challenged by parts of the refrigeration/a/c industry. Contact Susan Blaeser at standards to write letters to school boards/ANSI to ensure that the standard is upheld.

Wesley Nyborg was presented with a plaque by Susan Blaeser in honor of his work on developing the cavitation detection standard.

17. New Business
No new business was mentioned.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:49 pm

Submitted by Robin Cleveland.