Minutes of the Ft. Lauderdale Meeting

Monday, 3 December 2001
Marriott Hotel, Marlin Room

The meeting was attended by 21 people, according to the sign-in sheet. Fall meetings are our "off" meetings, at which we try to sponsor innovative programs rather than a host of special sessions. The items of business were:

(1) Thanks to B&B organizer Pierre Mourad for the Topical Meeting on the "Physics of Ultrasound in Relation to the Biology of its Therapeutic Effects: HIFU, LOFU, and Imaging HIFU Lesions", which took place all day Tuesday. Pierre's excellent session is also the one with the longest name on record. Invited speakers who do not regularly attend ASA meetings are particularly encouraged to stay in touch about future offerings. Thanks also to contributed-paper session chairs Michael Bailey and Ibrahim Hallaj. Subha Maruvada was the TPOM representative (arranging the papers into sessions and juggling room choices). At the Ft. Lauderdale meeting, B&B had 32 papers in 4 sessions (two of which were the Topical Meeting), and were well-attended (peaks of more than 40 attendees at every session). B&B also co-sponsored two sessions: "Theory and Applications of Acoustic Time Reversal" and "Acoustic Image Reconstruction Using Tomographic Techniques."

(2) Kudos and congratulations to Mattias Fink and Shira Broschat, who were made New Fellows at this meeting (for Shira, this is the second time in 2001!). Tim Leighton, who had been awarded the first Medwin Prize, presented his lecture on Wednesday (and it was awesome).

(3) A summary of attendees' comments on the logistics of the Ft. Lauderdale meeting included: troubles with room lighting, unreliable shuttle bus between hotels, not enough time in the schedule or places nearby for lunch, and problems with computer projection. Floyd Dunn suggested that in future, B&B session chairs should have blank transparencies and pens for impromptu comments by presenters whose computers fail them.

(4) The Pittsburgh, PA, meeting will take place 3-7 June 2002 at the Hilton Hotel. Mark Schafer has agreed to be our TPOM representative (the Technical Program Organizing Meeting is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, February 15-16, 2002). If you would like to chair a contributed-paper session at Pittsburgh, please reply to me via return email and I'll forward your name on to Mark. Special sessions for Pittsburgh will be:

Attendees at Pittsburgh should note that the second ASA-wide social will be on a river cruise. The boat leaves at 6 pm on Thursday, and will return to shore in time for 8:00 pm TC meetings. The Pittsburgh meeting should be a good one for students to attend, as accommodations are relatively low-priced, there will be a student paper contest, lots of demo sessions in several fields, and a student reception on Wednesday early evening. The deadline for abstracts will be February 1, 2002, so get those results together soon.

(5) The Cancun, Mexico, meeting of the ASA will take place 2-6 December 2002, at the Fiesta Americana. We need a TPOM rep who can go to Mexico July 19-21, 2002 (roundtrip air fares from NYC are in the $385 range), so please let me know if you would be interested.

At Cancun, each ASA chair will have a co-chair from Central/South America, name to be announced soon.

(6) Future ASA meetings beyond Cancun will be as follows:

(7) Nominations for B&B chair included Robin Cleveland, Charlie Church, and Mark Schafer. Please email me your pick among these three by January 1, 2002. The incoming chair will overlap with the current chair at the Pittsburgh meeting and then fly solo starting in Cancun. There was some discussion that a difficulty in finding willing candidates might be overcome by splitting the chair position,but ASA rules prevent this. Instead, the chair may enlist help from others or send a replacement for meetings not in attendance.

(8) Nominations are also solicited for Student Council representative, who must be a student member and retain this status for one year (it is nominally a two-year position). Funds for the Student Council reps are available from the ASA to support travel to meetings.

(9) Please click on the following link and check out what's on ARLO, if you haven't done so recently: http://ojps.aip.org/ARLO/main.jsp. What mechanisms could be found to make ARLO more attractive to readers and authors?

The meeting adjourned after forty-two minutes (a record!).

Respectfully submitted,

E. Carr Everbach, Chair
BU/BV Technical Committee

(If you have comments or corrections to these minutes, please send them to me at CEVERBA1@swarthmore.edu.)