Minutes of the Norfolk Meeting

Oct. 15, 1998

ATTENDEES: J. Allen, R. Cleveland, L. Crum, B. Davenny, F. Dunn, P. Edson, E.C. Everbach, I. Hallaj, R.G. Holt, J. Huang, D. Mast, W. Nyborg, S. Ohtsuki, R. Roy, P. Wilson, S. Wyatt

NOTE: Please notify Ron Roy (ronroy@bu.edu; 617-353-4846) if you detect any errors or omissions.

1. The meeting started by thanking the Physical Acoustics TC for kindly providing the refreshments(!) and by thanking Doug Mast for serving as the TPOM rep for the meeting.

2. We acknowledged the efforts of Doug Mast and Carr Everbach in organizing a successful special session entitled "Models for Tissue-Ultrasound Interaction."

3. Issues brought forth from the Technical Council meeting:

  1. There is some concern with the rising meeting costs there is a requirement that all cost centers (incl. meetings) break even the socials cost about $20K per and amount to about 1/3 the total cost of a typical meeting proposed ideas to save money:
    1. Reduce the level of the socials
    2. Drop the socials all together
    3. Drop one social and replace it with a technical committee-based social
  2. The reaction of the attendees was one of support for the socials. There was some support for option (c) listed above. If there are no socials, then the TC liked the idea of having the meetings earlier rather than later (after dinner).
  3. Another big expense is AV equipment. The attendees supported the position that 35-mm projectors should be a "request-only" item.
  4. There was a discussion of the plan to have meeting preregistration starting with Columbus.
  5. There was a discussion of the relevance and importance of the Tutorials. The attendees voices strong support for continuing the tutorials. They suggested an effort to make the topics broader, rather than more specific.

4. Technical Initiatives for 1999:

  1. $1,500 for travel assistance for outside speakers (max $500 per speaker).
  2. $300 to defer the cost of web page development. Shira Broschat runs this show.
  3. We have $750 budgeted for a student paper award for the Columbus meeting. Robin Cleveland has agreed to head up this effort.

5. The scoop on Berlin - Spring '99:

  1. The Berlin TPOM met immediately after the Norfolk meeting. Carr Everbach was the TPOM Rep.
  2. 2000 abstracts were submitted, with about 500 coming from North America
  3. B&B will meet as usual.
  4. There will be a best student paper award that will cover all areas. The B&B resource person will be either Carr Everbach or myself.
  5. There will not be a proceedings (like the ASA/ICA), but the Europeans will collect papers for contribution to a CD ROM. This is due by the end of the meeting. JASA considers this to be a publication.
  6. Special Sessions: "ESWL": R. Cleveland and M. Delieus "Low-Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound": C. Everbach and G. ter Haar "Safety Guidelines for Diagnostic Ultrasound": W. Nyborg and F. Duck

6. The scoop on Columbus - Fall '99:

  1. The TPOM will meet sometime in June or July. The Rep will be Inder Makin.
  2. Suggested special session: "Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound", proposed by Inder Makin
  3. Suggested special Session on "Modeling of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Fields", proposed by Robin Cleveland (co- sponsored with Physical Acoustics)
  4. Suggested special session on "Harmonic Imaging". Possible organizers include Mike Averkiou and Tom Szabo. (I will contact them about this.)
  5. Suggested special session of "Cavitation Detection and Monitoring", proposed by R. Roy.

7. The Committee took a vote on changing the manner in which we elect new chairs. We voted to have new chairs elected via mail ballots sent to all Committee members. The vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted
Ronald A. Roy
February 9, 1999