Minutes of the San Diego Meeting

Dec. 4, 1997

ATTENDEES: R. Apfel, S. Broschat, R. Cleveland, L. Crum, F. Dunn, C. Everbach, D. Havelock, P. Kaczkowski, T. Matula, W. Moss, W. Nyborg, R. Roy, J. Weisenberger

NOTE: Please notify Ron Roy (ronroy@bu.edu; 617-353-4846) if you detect any errors or omissions.

1. The Meeting started by offering recognition of Larry Crum's efforts as B&B's TPOM representative for the meeting.

2. Bob Apfel informed the committee of the upcoming rapid publications journal which is due to come online around April, 1998. The name of the journal has yet to be determined (maybe JASA Express?). The turn around time for publication will be no greater than 2 months. For more a demonstration of the electronic interface, see webster.aip.org/asap/demo.html.

3. Dan Martin has made a general request for contributors for "Soundings". Specifically, he needs volunteers to write short "Reports on Related Meetings". He will provide guidelines on the form and content of these reports. The B&B Committee Chair will seek out individuals to cover specific meetings. If any of you become aware of a technical meeting that covers topics of relevance to B&B, please bring it to my attention.

4. A discussion was held on the nature of meeting registration fees. Fees are going up, partly because of the increased expense of the socials. The committee was asked to consider the options of (1) reducing cost by scaling back the socials, or (2) accept the inevitable increases on registration fees. The general feeling was that the current fees are not out of line with those imposed by other societies, and if we do scale back the socials to reduce costs, it should be a modest reduction.

5. A discussion was held on the nature of the meeting exhibits -- would we like to see more? -- would we like to see something different? The feeling was that the exhibits are an important part of the meeting and should continue. Ideas for improving things included having a cash bar in the exhibit hall and having at least one meeting reception in the exhibit hall. Members pointed out that the Seattle meeting is in fact going to have a cash bar in the exhibit hall, and the Columbus meeting was planning on having the poster sessions in the exhibit area.

6. Technical Initiatives for 1998:

  1. $300 for a student reception joint with Physical Acoustics in Seattle.
  2. $1,500 in travel funds for non-student speakers (max $500/speaker) Two of these "slots" are being used to support travelers in Seattle. One remains up for grabs. Please contact the B&B Chair if you would like to utilize the remaining funds either in Seattle or in Norfolk.
  3. $300 to defer the cost (students) of Web Page development by Shira Broschat. Shira has a prototype page on line (see www.eecs.wsu.edu/~shira/asa/bubv.html). She is looking for feedback on the page as well as contributions of links, text, images, whatever. PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO VISIT OUR WEB PAGE AND ALSO CONSIDER PROVIDING SHIRA WITH MATERIALS (TEXT, GRAPHICS, LINKS) FOR INCLUSION. THE B&B WEB PAGE WILL ONLY BE AS GOOD AS WE MAKE IT, SO LET'S GET INVOLVED.
  4. $500 for a student paper award in Seattle broken down as follows:
  5. Carr Everbach has volunteered to handle this. Contact him if you have any questions or comments.

7. The scoop on Seattle - Spring '98:

  1. Several B&B special sessions planned:
  2. The meeting will take place in two hotels, the Westin and the Sheraton. All of the B&B sessions will be held at the Sheraton.
  3. Many of the sessions listed above will run all day, thus we will have special sessions running every day. Unfortunately, we will be forced to have parallel sessions running on two occasions.
  4. There will be on the order of two plenary sessions held in each hotel every day. No contributed or special sessions will be scheduled parallel with the plenary sessions.
  5. The deadline for the submission of the extended abstracts (2 pages) is Feb. 16.

8. The scoop on Norfolk - Fall '98:

  1. One special session proposed on models for tissue-ultrasound interaction (Doug Mast)
  2. The call for papers will come out sometime around late March.
  3. The abstract deadline is May 11.
  5. On Tuesday there will be a social at the National Maritime Museum.
  6. The meeting will also feature NASA-Langley tours.

9. The scoop on Berlin - Spring '99:

  1. This will be a full and regular ASA meeting. All Society functions will be active.
  2. The meeting will be organized jointly with the European Acoustics Association (EAA).
  3. David Havelock is the Technical Program Chair.
  4. The usual ASA format will be followed, with presentations in English and regular. special and poster sessions morning and afternoon. Anticipate a 5 day technical program with no plenary session.
  5. The deadline for submission of the usual 200 word abstract is September 11, 1998.
  6. Contributed papers = 15 minutes; Invited papers = 20-30 minutes.
  7. The EAA will have some independent components which will be conducted on the "National Day", which will probably be Friday.
  8. The TPOM will be held immediately following the Norfolk meeting. I AM LOOKING FOR A VOLUNTEER TO BE THE B&B REPRESENTATIVE AT THIS TPOM MEETING.
  9. The EAA has formed mirror technical committees. For structured sessions, ASA organizers must co-chair with a European Colleague and are encouraged to invite European speakers.
  10. Tentative titles for special sessions:
  11. Keep in mind that this is only a tentative list, for each organizer must locate a European co-chair before the session can be finally submitted to the organizing committee. The deadline for final submission is January 15th.

10. Tony Brammer indicated some concern over the lack of Fellow nominations coming out of B&B in recent years. Both Tony and Christy Holland have agreed to peruse the ranks of members citing B&B as either #1 or #2 in search of candidates who may have fallen between the cracks. I will provide them with a listing of potential candidates shortly.


I am very please to inform you that FLOYD DUNN WILL RECEIVE THE ASA GOLD MEDAL AT THE SEATTLE MEETING! If all goes according to plan, we will have some refreshments following the Seattle TC meeting in celebration of Floyd's accomplishment.

A motion was made (L. Crum) and passed to make a slight alteration to the current name of the committee. Larry moved that we rename the committee "Biomedical Ultrasound and Bioresponse to Vibration". The argument is that medical ultrasound is a hot field right now, and by having it take first billing in the committee name we might attract more members, especially with all the medical ultrasound papers slated for the upcoming Seattle meeting. The motion passed with about 80% of the vote.

The motion was also passed on the Technical Council level, with a modification. There was some concerned voiced over the fact that the vast majority of the B&B committee was not present to vote, and they felt that a proxy vote was warranted. In about one month I will mail out a ballot to all members of the B&B technical committee. Passage or failure of the motion will be based on majority vote.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Roy
January 1998