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Biomedical Acoustics Student Paper Award

The Biomedical Acoustics Student Paper Award was established by the technical committee in 2006 to acknowledge high quality scientific presentations by students doing research in Biomedical Acoustics. The competition also serves as an opportunity for young acousticians to network. Currently, student members of the BATC are eligible to enter the competition, which consists of a two-hour poster session judged by members of BATC. Winners are selected based on a student’s (a) conception, execution, and analysis of the study, (b) ability to present and defend the material, and (c) understanding of how the research fits into the broader scientific context of the BATC. Winners receive a cash award.


2000 Atlanta
1st: Constantin C. Coussios, Cambridge University
Advisor: John Ffowcs Williams
Ultrasonic scattering from blood as a means of measuring hemolysis
2nd: Xufeng Xi, Duke University
Advisor: Pei Zhong
Dynamic photorealistic study of the transient stress fields in solids during shock wave lithotripsy
3rd: Dahlia Sokolov, University of Washington
Advisor: Lawrence Crum
Bubble translation due to radiation force in SWL
3rd: Mark Haun, University of Illinois
Advisor: William O’Brien
Efficient three-dimensional cylindrical-geometry ultrasound imaging
2001 Chicago
1st: Oliver Kripfgans, University of Michigan
Advisor: Brian Fowlkes
Acoustic vaporization of single droplets
2nd: Sandra Poliachik, University of Washington
Advisor: Wayne Chandler
Role of high intensity focused ultrasound induced cavitation on platelet activation
3rd: Mark Haun, University of Illinois
Advisor: William O’Brien
Efficient three-dimensional cylindrical-geometry ultrasound imaging
2002 Pittsburgh
1st: Stanley Samuel, University of Michigan
Advisor: Charles Meyer
A robust roughness quantification technique using a standard imaging array transducer
2nd: Yufeng Zhou, Duke University
Advisor: Pei Zhong
Reduction of tissue injury without compromising stone comminution in shock wave lithotripsy
2002 Cancun
1st: Parag Chitnis, Boston University
Advisor: Robin Cleveland
Comparison of the cavitation fields of an electromagnetic and electrohydraulic lithotripter
2nd: Javier van Cauwelaert, Boston University
Advisor: Robin Cleveland
Progress of crack formation in artificial kidney stones subject to shock waves
2003 Nashville
1st: Ajay Anand, University of Washington
Advisor: Peter J. Kaczkowski
Monitoring evolution of HIFU-induced lesions with backscattered ultrasound
2nd: Yuan Jing, Boston University
Advisor: Robin Cleveland
Effect of aberration on the acoustic field in tissue harmonic imaging (THI)
2004 New York City
1st: Paolo Zanetti, Boston University
Advisor: Ronald Roy
Signal-to-noise ratio and attenuation of Optison microbubbles in blood as a function of imaging frequency
2nd: Jeremy Bercoff, Laboratorie Ondes et Acoustique
Advisor: Mathais Fink
Studying viscoelasticty in soft tissue with supersonic shear imaging
2005 Vancouver
1st: Adam Maxwell, University of Washington
Advisor: Lawrence Crum
A mechanistic analysis of stone comminution in lithotripsy
2nd: Parag Chitnis, Boston University
Advisor: Robin Cleveland
Secondary shock wave emissions from cavitation in lithotripsy
HM: Wayne Kreider, University of Washington
Advisor: Lawrence Crum
Modeling of initial bubble growth rates during high-intensity focused ultrasound
HM: Heather Argadine, Mayo Clinic
Advisor: Mark Bolander
1 kHz vibration increases proteoglycan production in ATDC5 chondrocytes
2006 Providence
1st: Jamie Collin, Oxford University
Advisor: Constantin Coussios
Interpreting passive cavitation detection signals during high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
2nd: Matthew Urban, Mayo Clinic
Advisor: James Greenleaf
Motion detection for vibe-acoustography
2007 Salt Lake City
1st: Matthew Urban, Mayo Clinic
Advisor: James Greenleaf
Harmonic motion detection in a vibrating scattering medium
2nd: Jose Sanchez, University of Illinois
Advisor: Michael Oelze
An ultrasonic imaging speckle suppression technique by means of frequency compounding and coded excitation
2008 Paris
1st: Moire Smith, Cambridge University
Advisor: Nigel Slater
The effect of HIFU on pH responsive PEGylated Micelles
2nd: Todd Hay, University of Texas
Advisor: Mark Hamilton
Frequency response of bubble pulsation in tubes with arbitrary wall impedance
3rd: Dorothée Bossis, Université Pierre et Marie Curie France
Advisor: Pascal Laugier
1 kHz sound stimulates nitric oxide and prostaglandin E2 production by rat mesenchymal stem cells
2009 Portland
1st: Kelly Garvin, University of Rochester
Advisors: Diane Dalecki & Denise Hocking
Ultrasound standing wave fields control the spatial distribution of cells and protein in three-dimensional engineered tissue
2010 Baltimore
1st: Kelly Garvin, University of Rochester
Advisors: Diane Dalecki & Denise Hocking
Ultrasound standing wave fields induce endothelial cell sprouting within three-dimensional engineered tissue
2nd: Christian Anderson, Washington University in St. Louis
Advisor: James Miller
Comparison of conventional ultrasonic phase velocity and attenuation measurements of cancellous bone to estimates obtained using Bayesian probability theory
2011 Seattle
1st: Peng Zhang, Boston University
Advisor: Tyrone Porter
The application of phase-shift nano emulsion in high intensity focused ultrasound-mediated heating and its potential in monitoring lesion formation
2nd: Himanshu Shekhar, University of Rochester
Advisor: Marvin Doyle
TA coded excitation technique for the functional imaging of coronary atherosclerosis using ultrasound contrast agents
3rd: Pavlos Anastasiadis, University of Hawaii
Advisor: John Allen
Ultrasound-induced permeability variations in cell gap junctions for drug delivery
2012 Kansas City
1st: Kirthi Radhakrishnan, University of Cincinnati
Advisor: Christy K. Holland
Pulse duration dependence of cavitation emissions and loss of echogenicity from ultrasound contrast agents insonified by Doppler pulses
2nd: Kun Jia, Zhejiang University
Advisor: Keji Yang
Compound manipulation of micro-particles using a single device: Ultrasonic trapping, transporting, and rotating
3rd: Karla P. Mercado, University of Rochester
Advisor: Diane Dalecki
Parametric imaging of three-dimensional engineered tissue constructs using high-frequency ultrasound
2013 Montreal
1st: Amin Jafari Sojahrood, Ryerson University
Advisor: Michael Kolios
Bifurcation structure of the ultrasonically excited microbubbles undergoing buckling and rupture
2nd: Pol Grasland-Mongrain, Inserm
Advisor: Cyril Lyfon
Electromagnetic hydrophone for high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) measurement
3rd: Matthew Adams, Boston University
Advisor: Ronald Roy
Improving the acousto-optic detection of high-intensity focused ultrasound lesions
2014 Providence
1st: Himanshu Shekhar, University of Rochester
Advisor: Marvin Doyle
Nonlinear intravascular ultrasound contrast imaging with a modified clinical system
2nd: Karla P. Mercado, University of Rochester
Advisor: Diane Dalecki
Characterizing collagen microstructure using high frequency ultrasound
3rd: Tom Kokhuis, Erasmus Medical Center
Advisor: Nico de Jong
StemBells: Localized stem cell delivery using targeted microbubbles and acoustic radiation force
2015 Pittsburgh
1st: Jonathan Langdon, University of Rochester
Advisor: Stephen McAleavey
Compensating for Scholte waves in single track location shear wave elasticity imaging
2nd: Erasmia Lyka, Oxford University
Advisor: Constantin C. Coussios
A sum-of-harmonics time-domain method to distinguish harmonic and broadband signals during passive acoustic mapping of ultrasound therapies
3rd: Lauren Mancia, University of Michigan
Advisor: Eric Johnsen
Stress and strain fields produced by violent bubble collapse
2016 Salt Lake City
1st: Harriet Lea-Banks, Oxford University
Advisor: Constantin Coussios, Eleanor Stride
Ultrasound-mediated transport of nanoparticles and the influence of particle density
2nd: Amin JafariSojahrood
Advisor: Michael Kolios
Development of a nonlinear model for the pressure dependent attenuation and sound speed in a bubbly liquid and its experimental validation

3rd: (3-way tie)

Shenwen Huang, University of Cincinnati Advisor: Christy Holland

Sanjay Yengul, Boston Univ., Harvard Univ. Advisor: Paul Barbone, Bruno Madore

Alec Hughes, University of Toronto  Advisor: Kullervo Hynynen

Lytic efficacy of tissue plasminogen activator and ultrasound in porcine clots doped with barium sulfate in vitro

Towards validation of shear wave elastography using vibration rheometry in soft gels

Phased array techniques for multiple focus synthesis in transcranial focused ultrasound

2017 Boston
1st: Ying Zhang, Duke University
Advisor: Pei Zhong
Interaction between lithotripsy-induced surface acoustic waves and pre-existing cracks
2nd: Clair Rabut, Inserm Institute
Advisor: Mickael Tanter
Full 3D dynamic functional ultrasound imaging of neuronal activity in mice 
3rd: Natalia Ilyina, KU Leuven
Advisor: Jan D’hooge
Model-based ultrasound attenuation estimation
2018 Minneapolis
1st: Dezhuang Ye
Advisor: Hong Chen
Intranasal Administration of Temozolomide Combined with Focused Ultrasound to Enhance the Survival of Mice with Glioma (A Pilot Study)
2nd: Parker O’Brien
Advisor: Emad Ebbini
Broadband Transskull Multi-focus Wavefront Synthesis 
3rd: Tho Tran
Advisor: Lawrence Le
A nonlinear grid-search inversion for cortical bone thickness and ultrasonic velocities
2019 Louisville
1st: Billy Yiu, University of Waterloo
Advisor: Alfred Yu
Live Color Encoded Speckle Imaging Platform for Real-Time Complex Flow Visualization In Vivo
2nd: Frederick Damen, Purdue University
Advisor: Craig Goergen
Spatial Analysis of Cardiac Strain Using High-Frequency Four-Dimensional Ultrasound in Mice
3rd: Joseph Majdi, George Mason University
Advisor: Siddartha Sikdar
Tissue Doppler Imaging To Detect Muscle Fatigue
2021  Seattle

 1st: Junqin Chen, Duke University

Advisor: Pei Zhong

Cavitation is the primary mechanism for stone dusting in holmium: YAG laser lithotripsy

 2nd: Christopher Pacia, Washington University in St. Louis

Advisor: Hong Chen

Sonobiopsy increases release of circulating tumor DNA for sensitive molecular diagnosis of glioblastoma

3rd: Ekaterina Ponomarchuk, Moscow State University

Advisor: Vera Khokhlova

Elastic properties of human hematoma model and its sensitivity to histotripsy liquefaction
2022 Denver

1st: Veerle Brans, University of Oxford

Advisor: Eleanor Stride

Exploration of ultrasound-mediated microbubble-cell membrane interactions using novel protein-loaded microbubbles and their role in immunomodulation

2nd: Grace Conway, University of Pittsburgh

Advisor: Flordeliza Villanueva

Ultrasound-targeted microbubble cavitation increases paracellular gaps in an in vitro blood brain barrier model 

3rd: (2-way tie)

Molly Smallcomb, Pennsylvania State University

Advisor: Julianna Simon

Oliver Pattinson, University of Southamptom

Advisor: Nick Evans, Dario Carugo

Comparison between focused ultrasound and dry needling treatments in a murine Achilles tendinopathy model
Ultra-High Speed Quantification of Cell Strain During Cell-Microbubble Interactions

Audience Choice: Audrey Evans, University of Wisconsin

Advisor: Chu Ma, Susan Hagness

The evolution of microwave-induced thermoacoustic signal characteristics generated during pulsed microwave ablation